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Insulated Dual-POD: Customized to Meet Customer Requests

Modular Design:

Initially, two custom-made units form the Half POD. Technicians then join them together at the customer’s site, a process that typically takes between one to three hours. Furthermore, we offer unlimited customization options, including various living room and sauna configurations. This flexibility ensures we can meet individual preferences and ideas.

Insulated Dual-POD Features:

Primarily, the POD offers excellent insulation for year-round comfort. Moreover, customers can request full equipment with electrical installations, showers, toilets, sinks, boilers, and more. Importantly, we make all these options available upon request.

Unique Product Line Features:

Customization: Firstly, you can mix and match layouts to create a personalized experience.

Size Variations: Secondly, the size of a Half POD can range from 3 meters to 5.9 meters in length and 2.4 meters wide, offering flexibility in spatial planning.

Personalization: Additionally, customize the front and back walls, windows, and doors according to your specifications. This includes options for terraces and electrical installations, enhancing the personal touch.

Connection Options: Moreover, connecting the Double POD is easy with our straightforward installation process, simplifying the setup.

Exterior Aesthetics: Also, choose from a wide selection of exterior color options to enhance your POD’s appearance. Painting can be done at the factory or on-site after placement, offering convenience and customization.

Interior Design: Lastly, enhance the comfort and functionality of your interior space with a variety of accessories and furniture. This final touch ensures that every aspect of the Double POD is tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

Transportation and Installation:

  • The width of the joined product is 4.8 meters.
  • Transportation is by truck, with two half-pods loaded onto a truck or platform.
  • Optional painting is available upon request.
  • Installation involves unloading with a crane onto a prepared base, which takes about an hour.