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Buy the Best Cold Tubs in the UK

On the other hand, if you prefer sitting in cold water for some time, we have the best Cold Tubs for you. Cold water can improve your post-workout swelling and inflammation. It may also reduce pain and muscle damage.

What We Offer

Wooden-me provides the Best Cold Tubs in the UK.

Cold Water Tub

For instance, if you travel to a hot place and want to sit in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes, you need a Cold Water bath. Wooden-me has  tubs that are easy to set up in the garden.

Cold Water Tub Sizes

In addition, our Cold Water Tubs come in large and small sizes. If you want a Cold Water Tub that takes up less space, you can buy it from wooden-me.

How to Enjoy Your Cold Tub

You can keep your Cold Water Tub in your lobby or garden and enjoy your day. Use it to bathe in cold water or relax after a sauna, or other treatment, from heat.

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