Using a Sauna Pod is a Good Decision

Sauna Pod

Is It a Good Decision to Use a Sauna Pod?

You might wonder what a sauna pod is and how it works. Nice inquiries. The “pod” is a futuristic-looking capsule that resembles (in terms of how it appears) a tanning bed more or less exactly. You lie on the floor in it as if you were about to sleep because it can fit a human body (you’ll fit, don’t worry) (which many people do). Only your supporting head is visible as the top part closes around you. Red infrared light beams in the close and far spectrums are emitted from the bed, making it glow like a Battleship.

Because infrared light heats your body from the inside, sauna pods are essentially like conventional saunas, but without the unpleasant, stifling, suffocating warmth that quickly becomes unbearable. You are heated by the infrared sauna pod, not the surrounding air. They are said to achieve this by dilatation of blood vessels, which increases circulation and delivers oxygen throughout your body, to promote metabolic activity (also known as burn calories), stimulate collagen synthesis, de-stress, detoxify, and aid in the healing from pain, injury, and sickness.

Moreover, infrared light triggers the water molecules in the body to vibrate and disintegrate, releasing toxins that are subsequently eliminated through sweat. But would it work perfectly, or was it all just a waste of time?

How Does a Portable Infrared Sauna Pod Function? How to Prepare for Your First Infrared Sauna Pod Session?

By encouraging you to sweat more, an infrared sauna aids in your body’s cleansing. As your pores open up and become less congested during infrared sauna therapy, which usually lasts 30 minutes, toxins and other impurities that have been deposited in your body will be eliminated. You burn fat and calories more quickly and boost your body’s metabolism using infrared sauna pods. An infrared it should be used three to four times per week, according to guidelines.

Would you like to see an infrared sauna pod in activity? If you want to try using infrared this, there are a few items to keep in mind.

Is there appropriate attire for a pod session? As long as it helps you feel comfortable during the session, you are free to wear whatever you want. During a lesson, some people are in bathing suits. Before using a sauna pod, ensure that you remain hydrated. You are permitted to bring a bottle of water to the session if you are heat-sensitive. For first-time users, you can start with a temperature that’s at the lower end of the infrared sauna pod’s temperature range and then progressively raise it with each session.

Advantages of a Sauna Pod

This offer many health advantages, just like a traditional sauna. Pods with infrared heaters help the body to be cleansed and detoxified. Moreover, it encourages improved sleep habits and a more calm state of mind in its users. By burning calories and fat, infrared sauna pods assist with weight loss. Joint pain and sore muscles are also alleviated by it. Besides enhancing overall circulation, sauna pods also aid in muscular firming and toning, boosting endurance and strength, and boosting vitality. You might achieve revitalized skin that is cleaner and tight by using a Sauna pod. Also, it is said that by using infrared sauna pod experiences, clients can diminish various medical conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome in addition to decreasing their levels of stress.

What Should You Avoid Doing Before Using an Infrared Sauna Pod?

When using an infrared sauna pod, there are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Get your prescription from a doctor before a session if you want to proceed with the sauna pod experience, particularly if you have any medical conditions like heart problems or elevated blood pressure. Although infrared saunas are safe to use, it is recommended to exercise a bit of caution. It is advised to postpone your sauna pod session if you are also feeling under the weather. When using an infrared sauna after consuming alcohol, avoid doing so. Never remember to hydrate yourself well before and after an activity.


An outdoor sauna in the shape of a triangle with two seats and a sauna heater is called a sauna Pod. It looks stunning in any garden thanks to its unique shape. Comparatively speaking, sauna pods offer superior heat circulation. The heating zone is 15% smaller in a triangle-shaped sauna than it is in a box-shaped . As a result, a sauna pod may be used considerably more rapidly and needs less power or firewood. While we often deliver our sauna pods finished, if you do not have immediate access to your yard, Wooden Me can deliver the Pod as a kit and have it installed there. Just choose a Sauna pod that will easily fit into your landscape to adhere to the latest fashion. For more knowledge on sauna pods, speak with Wooden-Me.